B METERING CLOUD is the new solution
for water and heat metering that automatically
stores all data on the cloud and
brings the remote reading solution to an upper level.

B METERING CLOUD allows to manage reading data with the utmost efficiency, thanks to its exclusive functions:

  • View of data and statistics of consumption
  • Customer database management
  • Alarm notifications in real time
  • Different levels of access to nodes
  • Local data export

Consumption data always available

With its easy and intuitive interface, B METERING CLOUD offers a full overview on consumption statistics. Moreover, you can see in real time all the information provided by the meter (status / alarms / readings).

Integration with multiple systems

B METERING CLOUD is designed to integrate itself with both LoRaWAN and Wireless M-BUS remote reading systems. A solution that allows you to manage an unlimited number of devices.

Notifications in real time

You can program B METERING CLOUD to send alarm notifications in real time to up to two email addresses per user, in order to be always informed about the status of the meter and, for example, be alerted in case of water leaks.

Customizable access structure

With B METERING CLOUD you can create nodes and sub-nodes and have an ordered overview of the installed modules, up to the desired level of detail, for example by dividing them by city, area, street and home. In this way, the consultation is simple and immediate.

Data export

Thanks to the data export function, the local data storage is very easy to manage: just click on “Export readings” and you will immediately receive an Excel file containing all the data detected by the meter.

Manage your data from B METERS CLOUD