Separate heat/BTU calculator for measuring the amount of energy used for heating and/or cooling.

Easily connectable to flow meters equipped with pulse output and used in systems with pipes larger than DN20 - ¾ ".

The processing of the data on the difference between the temperature of the thermo-vector fluid supply and the return one (DT), combined with the data on the volume of the thermo-vector fluid used, allows accurate calculation of the amount of energy consumed.

Approved according to the MID 2004 /22/CE MI004 and the EN1434 standard.
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Environmental classA (E1; M1)
Temperatures measuring range (Heating)5 ÷ 180 °C
Temperatures difference range (Heating)3 ÷ 150 K
Temperature measuring range (cooling)2 ÷ 24 °C
Temperature differences range (Cooling)3 ÷ 20 K
Maximum measurable power 99 MW
Temperature sensor typePT 1000
Temperature sensor cable length 3 m / 10 m
Power supplyLithium battery / external power supply
Maximum battery life (basic version)10+1 years
Protection degree IP52
Menu display level 6
DisplayLCD 8 digits + icons
Indication of Energy unitKWh (GJ on request)
Pulse emitter cable maximum lenght 2 m
Input pulse rate0.1 - 0.25 - 1.0 - 2.5 - 10 - 25 - 100 - 250 liters
Pulse input1 dedicated for the heating/cooling circuit meter
Pulse input classClass IA (default): Open Collector or reed contact, maximum 5Hz
Pulse input maximum frequency (MID approved)5Hz
Volume meter type of installation Return pipe (default), Supply pipe (optional)
Supported vector fluidWater


  • Heat/BTU combined calculator
  • Nr. 2 pulse inputs/ Nr. 2 pulse output integrated
  • M-BUS EN13757-2/3 integrated output


  • M-BUS wireless EN13757-4 output
  • PT1000 high precision platinum made measuring probes
  • External power supply 230 V


Standard version for return pipe installation. Version for flow pipe installation available on request