The IWM-MB3 is suitable for remote reading applications in a residential, commercial and industrial context. This M-BUS module allows the meter consumption data collecting by using the standard Wired M-BUS protocol, historically developed for remote meters reading.

The use of an inductive target into the meter dial excludes the possibility of magnetic fraud and makes the application insensitive to the pipes vibrations.


ProtocolMBUS EN13757-2/3
Cable length1,5 meters
Compatible water metersGMDM-I, GMB-RP-I, GMB-I
Sensitivity measure1 liter
Reverse flowActivate for the backward flow amount after user-settable threshold
Energy supplyNon-replaceable lithium battery, rechargeable (automatic recharge from the BUS network). Backup for measuring function in absence of BUS voltage
Transmitted dataVolume (consumption), alarms
AlarmsDischarged battery, module removal, magnetic fraud attempt, backward flow, leakage detection.
Protection classIP68*
Weight122 g
Size (l x p x h, cable excluded)88 x 69 x 28 mm
Working Temperature+1° / +55°C
Module programming requirements• Android device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with an NFC interface and the NFC IWM Config APP freely downloadable from GOOGLE PLAY. • Any M-BUS level converter and Windows PC with B M-BUS software installed (or other M-BUS softwares**).

* IP68: maximum 24 hours of continuous submersion at 1 m depth; **Ask to your dealer about the software compatibility.


Example of installation on mod. GMDM-I