RFM-LR1 has been designed to allow wireless remote reading in different types of applications in the residential sector.

The radio module thanks to the presence of the optical target into the meter dial allows the reading of the volume consumption without any constraints of access to the site thanks to the Long Range LoRa radio technology and the compliance to the LoRaWAN standard can be intergated into multi-service networks.


Radio interfaceLoRaWAN @868 MHz ≤ 25 mW
Network joining methodsOTAA, on request ABP
Frequency of transmission4 per day
CoverageUp to 5 Km*
Compatible water metersGSD8-RFM
Pulse output minimum value (K)1 liter
ConfigurationVia downlink commands from LoRa network
Energy supplyNon-replaceable lithium battery, maximum lifetime 10 years**
Protection classIP68***
Weight84 g
Size (l x p x h)26 x 26 x 13 mm
Working Temperature+1° ÷ +55°C
Transmitted dataVolume (consumption), total of backward flow, alarms
AlarmsDischarged battery, module removal, magnetic fraud attempt, backward flow, leakage detection

* In optimal signal transmission conditions; ** The battery life strongly depends on the working time window, set during the configuration process, and on the environmental conditions; *** IP68: maximum 24 hours of continuous submersion at 1 m depth.


Example of installation on mod. GSD8-RFM