Bmeters Solutions

The requirements of our customers, whether they are individual end users or service companies and industries, are those of a world that is becoming increasingly integrated and concerned about controlling resources and limiting waste.


Which is why they ask us for solutions that are both simple, flexible and smart.

Our integrated solutions allow consumption data to be measured, recorded and transmitted in an extremely clear and efficient manner which is then made available to customers for ideal analysis and management.


From the on-site reading of the product to the remote reading system, our solutions represent a genuine infrastructure that allows customers to provide users with additional services, such as monitoring, billing, leakage alarm, etc., with no need for manual intervention.

Smart Cities


  • Accurate and reliable data measurement
  • Faster reading times
  • Elimination of reading errors
  • More data available for monitoring and predicting consumption
  • Information provided in real time, cutting down on estimated readings and billing costs
  • Scalability and flexibility as company business needs grow
Improvement of operational management through real-time data analysis
Consistent billing and less errors and claims

  • Reduction of the cost and resources needed to read the meter
  • Possibility of more frequent billing
  • Detection of attempted fraud and possible water leaks in the system
  • Increased user privacy
  • Reading of data directly stored on PC or CLOUD eliminating transcription


  • Instant remote reading
  • Leak detection with possibility of instant alarm notification
  • Reduction in billing errors
  • Home access no longer necessary, thus protecting privacy
  • Increased trust in the service
Increase in information on consumption, e.g. with monthly history and backup
  • More informed choices about energy and water use

  • Invoices based on effective consumption rather than estimates

  • Saving money with energy efficiency choices
  • Billing issues resolved more efficiently
  • Less complaints resulting in increased satisfaction


Our products use the M-BUS wireless EN13757-4 (OMS) radio transmission protocol which allows integration with other metering systems (electricity, gas) operating with this “OPEN” standard protocol and using standard ancillary devices produced by third-party companies. The solution is easy to use and allows you to start by buying a simple pre-configured meter and then, add a communications device at a later date to complete the system.X

B METERS has chosen LoRa as LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) radio technology which allows long-range radio transmission of consumption data.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have joined forces with Lora Alliance (Association of producers of connected objects which uses the LoraWAN standard).


It has been possible since April 2019 to fit our entire range of water meters, from DN15 to DN200, with LoRa modules.


All the modules comply to the LoRaWAN standard and allow our customers to easily connect to an existing network or create a new one with our support.

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