The new B METERING software, which allows the programming/reading of B METERS complete range of wireless M-BUS OMS devices (water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators and temperature/humidity sensors) is now available for download!

The following are the main new features of the software:

  • Programming and simultaneous reading of all the WIRELESS M-BUS OMS devices produced by B METERS.

  • Database registration of the entire devices and users records

  • Database registration of the historical readings performed for each individual device

  • Last configuration storage for each device configured with this new software

  • Preset configurations for easy devices programming in either Walk-by or AMR reading modes

  • Increased flexibility of both data import and export from and to third party software’s

  • Automatic check for any software updates

The application download and managing of the software licenses are available at the following link by previously accessing the portal using own user name and password:

In the event you might not possess the portal accessing credentials, please contact B METERS service department.