Compact thermal energy meter for heating/cooling systems
Compact ultrasonic thermal energy meter
Split thermal energy calculator for heating/cooling systems
Ultrasonic flow sensor
Multi jet dry dial meter for hot water up to 120° C with pulse output
Woltmann meter for hot water up to 130° C with pulse output

Direct heat metering is the most accurate and reliable system for measuring, in centralized systems the amount of energy used in by individual users for heating their homes. The system is only applicable in systems with horizontal distribution network or in areas where the heat transfer fluid is distributed to individual households or industrial plants, through district heating plants or through a single centralized unit serving multiple buildings.

The system consists of a thermal energy meter and motorized valves installed on each radiator and controlled by a programmable-thermostat located inside each apartment; the solution allows each tenant to adjust the temperature inside his household and set the desired heating hours, thus controlling the thermal energy level and the related costs according to his own specific needs.

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