The MB-MASTER concentrator allows communication with all data transmission modules that adopt the MBUS EN13757-3 standard.
It has been designed to manage networks consisting of M-Bus modules produced by B METERS water and heat meters. Available in 2 versions to support up to 60 or 250 network devices, it can handle up to 1200 m long network branches.

Equipped with an TFT display, it enables users to easily view present and historical consumption data up to 1 previous year (12 months values).


The MB-MASTES is very easy to install and operate; the transmission modules configuration and data collection can be easily performed directly from the concentrator without having to reach the points where the various devices are individually installed.

Supplied with a user-friendly software and interface, allows to perform the consumption data reading operations (with the option to save up to 12 months of historical values), and export the data to a billing software.

Communication ready:

Equipped with RS232USB interface is ready to be connected to any PC, or to Ethernet and GPRS network (expansion modules required).

Compatible products


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