The LoRaWAN module LORA-PULSE is designed to work in combination togheter any brand size and version of water meters equipped with pulse output and especially with pulse output module B METERS’ IWM-PL3 and IWM-PL4.
That allows the trasmission of data and alarms recorded by the meters trought a LoRaWAN network in all the cases where the integrated module cannot be used or where it’s required to turn away the module from the meter.

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Radio interfaceLoRaWan EU868
Frequency bands868 MHz
Join mode OTAA (ABP on request)
Battery life length10 years (dependent on application)
Primary cellLithium Manganese 3V
Size & capacity 2x CR123A 1.7 Ah
Size 120 x 65 x 43 mm
Weight 180 g
Operating temperature +1°C a +55°C
IP ProtectionIP68
CertificationsRoHS compliant CE LoRaWAN


Compatible with pulse module IWM-PL3 and IWM-PL4