The LoRaWAN module LORA-PULSE is designed to work in combination together any brand size and version of water meters equipped with pulse output and especially with pulse output module B METERS’ IWM-PL3 and IWM-PL4.

That allows the transmission of data and alarms recorded by the meters through a LoRaWAN network in all the cases where the integrated module cannot be used or where it’s required to turn away the module from the meter.

Compatible products


Модуль електронного передавача імпульсів для попередньо обладнаних лічильників води типу "Вольтмана" мод. WDE-K50


Electronic pulse emitter module for pre-equipped multi jet water meters mod. GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and CPR-M3-I