The RFM-RX2 Wireless M-BUS receiver is an USB device used to configure and collect the consumption data transmitted by the radio modules installed on water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators and temperature sensor produced by B METERS in accordance with the WMBUS standard.

The RFM-RX2 is designed to be used in combination with the configuration and readings softwares developed by B METERS.

The receiver is equipped with a SMA connector for the easy removal and replacement of the 360° orientable antenna.

Compatible products


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped single jet water meters mod. GSD8-RFM


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped multi jet water meters mod. GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and CPR-M3-I


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped Woltmann type water meters mod. WDE-K50


Wireless M-BUS module for meters with pulse output


Temperature and humidity sensor Wireless M-BUS


Wireless M-BUS Heat cost allocator


Ultrasonic compact SMART meter with WBUS and LORA integrated data transmission.