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Contor Woltmann, pregătit pentru module de transmitere date
Contor Woltmann orizontal
Contor Woltmann orizontal
Contor tangențial pentru irigații
Contor de apă combinat
Contatore di flusso elettromagnetico
Debitmetru electromagnetic

The Woltmann type meter is designed for measuring large flows of water in both industrial and commercial applications or for larger residential supplies.

The meter is of the helical reel type and consists of a cast iron pipe with fanged ends bearing the measuring group with helical fins impeller parallel to the meter pipe.

The measuring group can be easily removed for repair or replacement without having to remove the main meter body. The reading mechanism is installed inside an hermetically sealed capsule and transmission between the turbine and the reading mechanism gears is obtained by magnetic coupling.


The Electro-magnetic flow meter is designed to measure the flow and the volume of any electrically conductive liquid. The meter does not use any mechanical moving component therefore the measured liquid flows through without encountering any obstacle thus avoiding any potential damage caused by solids that could be suspended.  The inside of the measuring pipe is electrically insulated with a special compound layer therefore resistant also to corrosive liquids.

The product is characterized by a very low head loss and the possibility to be installed in any position.

Suitable for the industry, the food industry, the chemical industry and the waste water.

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