The MB-PULSE 4 module allows the conversion of an impulse signal (REED or OC) into the Wired MBUS (EN13757-3) signal.

The device allows the connection of up to four meters equipped with pulse output (water, gas, electricity, heat etc.) of any brand, size and version.

Each record is distinguished by four separate addresses, allowing an easy reading of the consumption for each meter connected.

Easy to configure and install it gives the possibility to configure the primary addresses by using the B METERS software BMBUS and data concentrator mod. MB-MASTER.

Compatible products


Portable M-BUS Master


Modul electronic generator de impulsuri pentru contoare de apă Woltmann pre-echipate mod. WDE-K50


Electronic pulse emitter module for pre-equipped multi jet water meters mod. GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and CPR-M3-I