The RFM-C3 is a gateway/data concentrator that collects data sent from Wireless M-Bus devices and transmits them via GPRS signal or via Ethernet/LAN/Wi-Fi network.

The consumption data and the information sent by the B METERS radio modules, measuring devices and the heat cost allocators, equipped with Wireless M-Bus interfaces, are collected by the RFM-C3 concentrator and sent by E-mail using the GPRS network or, alternatively, an Internet connection via Ethernet/LAN/Wi-Fi network.

The E-mail contains the file with the acquired telegrams in .txt format and it can be forwarded up to five different recipients, using daily/weekly/monthly transmission frequency.

The device configuration is performed by using a PC connected with a LAN cable (RJ-45 connector) to the Ethernet port of the RFM-C3 concentrator.

Compatible products


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped single jet water meters mod. GSD8-RFM


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped multi jet water meters mod. GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and CPR-M3-I


Wireless M-BUS radio module for pre-equipped Woltmann type water meters mod. WDE-K50


Wireless M-BUS module for meters with pulse output


Wireless M-BUS signal repeater


Wireless M-BUS receiver for Smartphones


Contor monojet digital SMART cu transmisie de date integrate WBUS și LORA


Temperature and humidity sensor Wireless M-BUS


Wireless M-BUS Heat cost allocator


Ultrasonic compact SMART meter with WBUS and LORA integrated data transmission.