Terms and conditions


The warranty period is 24 months from the date of shipment of the material. The warranty is limited to engineering, materials and machining quality defects appeared under normal use and/or maintenance conditions. This warranty is valid and applicable in the country in which the product was purchased. In case of the European Union, the guarantee is valid for all countries of the Community. To obtain warranty service, you are required to comply with the following clauses:

  • Products must be delivered for repairment at Customer’s charge.
  • Product warranty will be subject to the presentation of a fiscal document (sales invoice), which certifies the purchasing date of the product.
  • Repairment does not affect the original warranty expiration date and does not lead to renewal or extension.
  • If the product does not present any defects at the time of repair, the cost of the technical analysis will be charged.
  • The warranty is not valid if the failure is due to: impacts, falls, abuse of the product, use of non-original batteries, accidents, alterations to the product, replacement/detachment of the seals and/or tampering with the product. Furthermore, there is also no coverage for damage caused during transport if the packaging used is not suitable.
  • Warranty does not cover the battery of the product.
  • The warranty does not cover the inability to use the product, otherwise it will cause accidental or consequential damage or other expenses incurred by the buyer.
  • Warranty does not cover any damage caused by a different use from the one indicated into this manual.

Product support

If the product requires technical assistance, please contact your supplier or B METERS After-Sales support service at: ticket@bmeters.com

Declaration of conformity

B METERS hereby declares that its products complies with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/30/EU. A full declaration of each product can be downloaded from the official website www.bmeters.com

Safety instructions

Read all instructions carefully before proceeding with the installation. Failure to comply with one or more of the procedures contained in the manual can be dangerous and cause damage to property and people. It is recommended to comply with all applicable laws on safety and accident prevention.
Comply with the national regulations on water measurement.
Observe national regulations relating to the measurement of cooling (thermal energy meters)
Comply with the technical requirements for the installation of electrical equipment.
The device complies with the requirements of Directive 2014/30/EU of the European Council on electromagnetic compatibility, Directive 2014/35/EU on electrical safety and Directive RED 2014/53/EU.
The warranty and validity of the verification before expires if the identification plate and seals attached to the instrument are removed or damaged.
Remove the product from the package only at installation to protect it from damage and dirt.
Air transportation of tools with active radio interface prohibited.
To clean the device externally use a soft cloth and moistened with water. Do not wash with high pressure jets or immerse the device in water. Avoid contact with oils and solvent. Do not use alcohol or detergents.
If several devices are installed in a unit, the installation conditions must be the same for all devices in order to ensure the most equitable billing of consumption possible.
Carefully observe the instructions in the data sheet, instruction manual, application notes and lid. Failure to comply with the operating conditions may result in situations of danger and forfeiture of all claims of liability for defects and liability on the basis of any guarantees expressly granted. Further information is available on www.bmeters.com
Dispose of replaced devices and defective components in accordance with current environmental regulations.
Do not damage the device casing. In the event of blunt objects hitting the front of the display, it can be damaged irremediably and lose the degree of protection IP65 or IP68. Install in areas protected against impact. In case of breakage of the protective casing contact customer support.
The meter is not suitable for running water in central heating systems but is suitable for clean water (water meter)
The meter is not suitable for drinking water but is suitable for circulating water in central heating systems (thermal energy meter)
Pay attention to sharp edges or sharp projections in the threads, flanges and measuring tube. Therefore, it is recommended to wear protective gloves
Rinse the pipes thoroughly before installing the meter.
Avoid collecting air bubbles in the meter during the installation process.
The meter shall be installed in the direction of the arrow on the meter housing, corresponding to the direction of the flow.
After installation of the meter perform a leak test of the system.
Slowly fill the pipe with water after installation.
The meter must be mounted or removed only after the system has been depressurized.
Keep away from children.
The device shall be used in such a way as to minimise the potential for human contact during normal operation. In order to avoid the possibility of exceeding the limits of exposure to radio frequencies, the human proximity to receivers with integrated antenna should not be less than 20 cm (8 inches) during normal operation.
Do not expose the meter to sun and heat sources. Do not throw into the fire.
In case of danger of frost, empty the system and, if necessary, remove the meter.
The meter does not have lightning protection.
Do not twist, wrap, extend or shorten the cables of the temperature probes and the cable that connects the electronic unit to the part of the lower-case body (thermal energy meters)
The meter can only be installed in frost-proof areas.
Water meters do not require special protection against electrical interference; however, electromagnetic interference must be avoided.
The meter must be protected against pressure shocks in the pipe.
If transmission network interfaces are used, especially when cables are routed outside the building, use more protection against electrical interference.
The meter shall not be subjected to mechanical stress when installed in the pipe.
The meter shall be installed in a way that it is protected from all external impurities and contamination.
Manually and simultaneously screw the meter fittings on both sides and then tighten in opposite
directions using a suitable tool.
Remove the old seals and clean the sealing surfaces.
Slightly grease the sealing surfaces (use grease approved for drinking water and acid-free).
Use only the gaskets supplied (the gaskets must not get into the pipe). Seals provided on site must be fit for purpose and comply with local guidelines and directives. No liability is accepted for consequential damage resulting from the use of third-party seals, such as corrosion of seal surfaces and threads.